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Providing Kinesiology balances to bring people back into balance and alleviate physical and emotional conditions.  Kinesiology shifts subconscious patterns that stop you from thinking positively and achieving your potential.

What does a Kinesiology treatment consist of?

  • We use a muscle as an indicator and are a bit like a detective trying to finding out what is happening.
  • We then carry out simple but effective corrections to help your body bring itself back into balance.
  • These corrections are usually applied to your energetic structures and can include sound, tapping and holding of meridian acupressure points and sometimes flower essences are used.

Who can benefit from being treated by Kinesiology?

Everyone can benefit by having regular Kinesiology balances from babies to the elderly.  We all experience stress in our lives and when these stresses stay locked in the body they can cause physical and emotional symptoms. Kinesiology is a great way of keeping you healthy and feeling the best.

What makes Kinesiology different?

Kinesiology is unique because every balance is personally tailored to what your body needs at any particular time. Kinesiology works with the subconscious brain to get to the root cause of a problem which is often something the client has no awareness of, because of this Kinesiology can literally change your life and help you to achieve your goals.

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Our mission is to educate people and increase their awarenss of the benefits of Kinesiology as a health care maintenace program and to enable them to take responsibility for their overall health.


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